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Wealth Creation

We always work with the best interests of our clients at heart

We believe the greatest reward is the opportunity to work with our clients to plan for their future, invest for their goals, help them To Live Comfortably, and ultimately see them realize their dreams.

Our Growth Portfolio Keys to Success:

Active portfolio management

Drawing on over 30 years of investment experience, Scott develops a customized investment strategy for each client leveraging the 10 STAR Proprietary Growth Portfolio.

Proven, sustainable process

Every security selected for the 10 STAR Proprietary Growth Portfolio is put through a rigorous analysis of both qualitative and quantitative factors to determine if it is poised to appreciate.

Highly liquid investments

The portfolio is made up of highly liquid securities, primarily stocks of companies based in the United States, international Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and cash for reinvestment.

Diversification across industry sectors

The 10 STAR Proprietary Growth Portfolio is well-rounded and includes allocations across a spectrum of industry sectors.

Growth over time

By taking advantage of the growth objective of the 10 STAR Proprietary Growth Portfolio over time,
compounding investment gains can make a meaningful difference in asset accumulation.

Lifestyle protection in retirement

In retirement, your assets are realigned into three portfolios to focus on your short-term, intermediate and long-term needs:

Short-term: 0-3 years

This segment holds three years of cash requirements in lower risk investments to cover your projected cash flow.

Intermediate: 3-10 years

This segment invests in growth and income investments to replenish your cash and provide growth opportunities.

Long-term: 10+ years

This segment is invested for growth over time to protect you from inflation and maintain your lifestyle through decades of retirement.